How We Help


The number one request from national church planting ministries is for large quantities of Scriptures to feed the masses of new believers turning to Christ.

National Worker Support

Short-term and desperately needed financial assistance is being requested by national workers to launch them into effective ministry within their countries of birth.

Pastoral Training

National pastors, church planters, evangelists, and leaders are urgently requesting quality biblical training, as they are being thrust into ministry due the explosion of new churches around the world.

Ministry Tools

To enhance the ministry of national workers, tools, and equipment are being requested to multiply the effectiveness of their ministry.

Persecuted Believers

Empower's international partners, who refer to themselves as the persevering church, periodically need love and critical medical assistance to aid them while in prison and upon their release.

Compassionate Assistance

During times of natural disasters, war, and political upheavals, Empower senses a call to bolster and bless national workers and believers in times of distress.

Empower’s Distinctives


Empower Ministries International PROVIDES resources to those national (indigenous) ministries that have moral and financial integrity, sound doctrine, and rapid expansion.


Empower Ministries International SEARCHES out and follows God's leading to the spiritual hotspots of the world where a small investment can produce major results in evangelism and church planting.


Empower Ministries International STRETCHES every dollar at home and internationally, resulting in the greatest possible impact for the Kingdom.

Where We Work

Empower is currently operational in over 40 countries of the world, which accounts for 52% of the world's population—over four billion people. These countries are predominately in what is known as the 10/40 window.