Over the years, Empower has discovered that the most effective way to blend the presentation of the Gospel with compassionate love and assistance is by funneling aid through local, national church planting ministries and their local pastors and congregations. These dedicated men and women of God then reap the benefits of being seen as the providers of compassionate love in a time of distress, allowing them to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the recipients effectively. 

In a natural disaster situation, Empower and the national church can be operational and distributing the much-needed goods and supplies in as little as a few hours rather than foreign operations that can often take days or weeks to be functional on the ground. Also, since Empower purchases all needed supplies locally in the local currency, the costs of the goods is significantly less than those shipped in from Western sources. 

It is Empower’s goal to supply the desperately needed aid, build up the local economy immediately following the disaster, and present Jesus and His Church as the source of the tangible love – not Empower Ministries who chooses to be inconspicuous and hidden from sight. 

Compassionate assistance may take the form of the following:

  • food/​hot meals
  • medical supplies
  • clothing and shoes
  • temporary houses/​shelters
  • Christmas gifts for prisoners 
  • Widows and orphan ministries
  • Boxes of love” (food packages) for families, children, and the impoverished.
  • Gardening equipment and supplies (seeds, seedlings, etc.)
  • Mobile medical clinics
  • Beds
  • Hydroponic farming for church planters
  • Upgrading sanitation for the poor
  • Water wells

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